In Salangen you can experience exciting events during the summer, amongst them the festival "The million fish". During the festival we arrange the worlds most spectacular fishing contest! Catch the right fish and you win 1.000.000 NOK! And it´s for real! Read more!
You can participate in a guided tour under ground in the caves in Salangen- tours are arranged by Elvelund Camping, they have the experience!
Elvelund Camping also sell fishing license to Salangen River which is well known for its large population of sea trout. Great catches can be expected! You may also go fishing in the many other rivers and lakes in Salangen and, of course, our beautiful fjord.

From Narvik 95 km, from Finnsnes 75 km, from Bardufoss Airport 60 km, from Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes 105 km, from Tromsø 200 km.
You can travel to and from these places daily by bus.
Harstad and Tromsø are also available by boat.
-Bus, boat time-tables

Tourist info, other sources
- Salangen Jeger-og Fiskerforening, cabin by Sagvatnet
- Local museums
- Fjellkysten Hotell, Lavangen