The school is situated in the center of Salangen, at Sjøvegan. From the autumn 2011 the school has pupils from 6 – 10th grade with around 200 pupils. The school structure is changing, but our vision and values remain and will whatever happens be the most important in our work. We would like every individual pupil to develop talents to their best abilities.

Central authority has through law laid down a certain framework that we have to follow. Local authority sets up the economic framework for us to work within.

Salangen school will do whatever is possible within the guidelines to equip every pupil with as much knowledge for when they leave school and to try to attain our vision for them – namely: “Ready for the world”

It is said that a vision is like a”lighthouse”; it helps us to keep on a steady course, it shall give us power and stamina to reach for more. It gives us a purpose with what we are doing.
Salangen School – ready for the world – is what we have chosen for our vision. With this we mean that when we welcome pupils from Vasshaug school 5th year, we are ready. Ready for the world. When pupils from Lamo, centre for Asylum seekers, and other schools come to us – we are ready! When the school gets new challenges; we will be ready! And when pupils have finished at Salangen School then they will be ready for the world!
We will work to give pupils as much vocational knowledge which is possible for them and this will give them the ability to choose the road ahead
we wish to give pupils cultural knowledge: Give them experience within art, culture, sports and outdoor life, both as participants and spectators. We would like them to want to continue to seek these things when they “Fly the nest”.
We also seek to equip them with a positive attitude to other people and cultures, something to make them curious about life outside our little community.
We wish our pupils to leave school with the feeling that the world is there; - open and promising. We think that is something worth working for!

Good values are something we would like our school to be well known for. Values that will “drive” us towards our vision make us visible and help us take choices in everyday life.
Salangen School has picked 5 such values:

-Salangen School shall be a safe place.
That means both pupils and teachers and others that work here shall feel safe at school. The adults shall be clear and decisive and there is no tolerance when it comes to bullying and violence



- Salangen School shall be a sporty school
we will work to make our school more exciting through various activities. We wish our pupils to be more physically active. We`ll work to become more brave and dare to do more. We want pupils and teachers to be outgoing and positive.


- Salangen school shall be a seeker of knowledge
We would like pupil`s to develop to the best of their ability. It is important for pupils to seek knowledge, and work with the help of various activities and work methods. Well qualified and updated teachers will support pupils in their search for knowledge.


-  Salangen school shall be an including school
The school is a meeting place for many types of people, and include everyone into this fellowship, working against bullying and help the ones who struggle to find their way.

Through our choices of values and vision we will strive for our school to become an even better place.