Salangen: from ” Selangr ” which means the seal fjord
Inhabitants: About 2 211 (1/1-2010 )
Members in team/assosiactions: About 4500

Municipal activities:

- Salangen youth club

- Salangen culture school, education in music and drama

- Rehersal room for rock bands

- Salangen youth council

- Salangen municipal cinema, digitalised in may 2011

- Salangen swimming hall, renovated april 2011

- Salangen indoors sports arena, located near Salangen skole

- Astafjordhallen, indoors football arena, located at Idrettsheia

- Idrettsheia, outdoors football arena

- Salangen Reginal Culture hall, concerts, theater, exhibitions

- Salangen Museums, several local museums, amongst them boat exhibitions etc.

- Sør Troms Reginal Museum

- Marked tracks around fjords and mountains, well prepared ski tracks in winter

- Tour maps, hiking tracks summer and winter

- Salangen municipal library with internet


Private offers:

- About 75 local organisations offers lots of activities

- Caving in Sagelva river caves (Elvelund Camping). The longest caving system i Northern Norway

- Several sports arenas, lighted ski tracks, football arenas, hiking tracks

- Fishing in the fjords and in the rivers of Salangs- og Løksebotn-vassdraget.

- Warm water pool at Salangen HelseRehab.

- Cafes at Lundbrygga in the center og Salangen, at Elvelund Camping and at Garsnes Camping.

- Sagvatn cabin in the mountains above Salangen, about 8 km from Salangen center

- Salangen bridgeklubb plays bridge ever tuesday in Salangen Regional Culture Hall

- Choir practice in Salangen Regional Culture Hall once a week

- Musical band / symphonic bands for both children an adults. Practice once a week

- Elvelund Camping with several activities, amongst them caving.

- Miniature shooting in Salangen Regional Culture Hall


Other possibilities:

- Hunting, fishing in magnificent scenery amongst fjords and mountains, rivers, forests

- Air sports and activities at Elvenes old airport


- The Million Fish Festival during the first weekend in july, fishing contest, musical events etc.

- Football tournaments, children/adults

- Musical events, theater, exhibitions, both professional/national events and amateure/local events